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What Makes a Great CFO?

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) supervise the overall financial activities of an organization. They are vital to the success of the organization since it is their job to prepare financial reports, and communicate with the CEO and board of directors to ensure that they are on the right track.

But with the influence of technology, their role is growing more and more difficult as the responsibilities and oversight continue to expand well beyond risk management, regulatory compliance and all things financial.

So what makes a great CFO? Here are some key attributes to look for in a great CFO:

Adept at decision-making and adaptability

A good CFO can work under pressure and still looks for “win-win” solutions in small and big decisions every day that will affect the future of the company.

Leadership Skills

The CFO has to have strong working relationships to bring the team together and lead them forward while balancing financial management.

Confident and good communicator

The ability to communicate financial information and break down complex data to inform wider action-planning is necessary to have a positive influence on an organization's strategy.

Has Strategic Vision

A good CFO can look at a problem objectively, analyze and formulate a strategic solution. Keeping up with industry trends, new laws, regulations and compliance standards is essential to this role as well.

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